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Recording of military drills and actual operations during night and day with an easy to use camera build for rough environments. The high resolution color image is pleasant for the eye even after long time use, and reveals important details in the recorded scene.


Gives the power to see and record unwanted personnel and threats invisible to the naked eye, and helps security professionals, homeland security officers and coast guards to improve surveillance, increase security and prevent crimes.


Operations are needed night and day all year round. The Falcon Eye camera is designed to be effective regardless of weather or lighting conditions, and gives the maximum support to rescue teams in their effort to save lives.

Environment research

Documentation and research of the nature and environment is no longer limited by availability of light. With the Falcon Eye camera scientists have a tool to enhance our knowledge and to increase the protection of the environment.

Law enforcements

Excellent recognition performance and tamper proof data makes the Falcon Eye system ideal for monitoring of crime scenes and recording as evidence.


Outdoor recording of wildlife at night in HD color can now document and entertain us in ways we have never seen before.

News & documentation

Broadcast companies, TV stations, newspapers, and magazines can report in HD full color videos and still images of events and disasters happening around the clock.


Full color night vision opens up a new world of creative and documentary possibilities to the advanced photographers.

The video shows the same scene shot with the Falcon Eye camera, a consumer HandyCam video camera, and a professional Generation III Night Vision camera.