Color Night Vision

Let you see and record in color during night – even in the near total darkness of scenes invisible to the human eye.

Night and day

Records equally well during day and night.

Pleasant for the eye

High resolution image (HD) with natural colors makes it pleasant for the eye also after long time use.

Dual function

Captures video and still images with simple two button operation.

Easy identification

High resolution in clear colors gives outstanding target recognition and identification capability.

Use as evidence

Movies and images can be used as evidence of crime scenes, as tamper-proof SD cards can be used (Write Once Read Many SD memory cards).


Easy to operate with most settings done automatically. Video recording can be handled by persons without photographic background.

Full Metal Jacket

Build for operation in tough environments. Housing made of CNC-machined aluminum block. Weather proof.

Handheld operation

Compact, light weight and excellent portability. Designed for handheld shooting.

The video shows the same scene shot with the Falcon Eye camera, a consumer HandyCam video camera, and a professional Generation III Night Vision camera.