KC-2000 SWIR (Short-wave Infrared) portable camera released

KOMAMURA CORPORATION announces the Falcon Eye KC-2000 SWIR Portable Video Camera System. SWIR (Short-wave Infrared) technology allows for vision and surveillance in extreme darkness without deploying an illuminator and ensures capturing discernible profiles of objects under poor visibility conditions such as fog, haze and smoke.
Unlike conventional SWIR camera modules, most of which are geared toward industrial vision applications, the Falcon Eye KC-2000 SWIR is a complete, portable, self-contained, battery powered video camera system with on-board viewing, recording and storage capabilities.

KC-2000 MKII with IR mode is launched

The Falcon Eye KC-2000 MKII camera is a unique two-in-one camera, which have the superior color night vision features as the Falcon Eye cameras are known for, but now also can be used as an IR-camera. This one camera covers all surveillance applications: night and day, in all lighting conditions, in color or IR (infrared), in video and still images, short distance or kilometres away.

Adapter for manual control of aperture

Komamura Corporation can now offer lens adapter which makes it possible to manually control the aperture of Nikon mount lenses (Nikon, Sigma, Tamron lenses etc.). With this adapter the limitation of using the DSLR lenses is eliminated, and you can now recommend your clients to use the KC-2000 with the Nikon mount lenses.

To use the Nikon-mount lens at the KC-2000 camera, you need to use three adapters:
1) C-CS mount adapter
2) EOS-C mount adapter
3) Nikon-EOS mount adapter with aperture control lever.

Streaming to IOS and Android

Do you want to watch through the KC-2000 on a distance? Teradek Clip is a compact and affordable streaming solution, that allows you to stream directly to IOS/Android tablets and phones.

Record for longer time and in un-compressed quality

The company Atomos from Australia make several digital video recorders which is great accessories to the Falcon Eye cameras.
The Ninja Star recorder is a high quality and very cost efficient recorder.

If you connect the Ninja Star to the KC-2000 via the HDMI port you can record higher quality videos, because they are not compressed as they are when recording to the SD-card. The Ninja Star recording medias also allow you to record for a longer time than the 32GB SD-card.